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Stop asking your students to memorize! Use our gamified curriculum to improve your student's vocabulary and reading.

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  • 1 day with Wordcraft

    A student is introduced to morphology and starts to build connections.

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    A student has learned hundreds of scientific words and gained the ability to decode words.

Loved by teachers and students

  • An excellent tool for expanding vocabulary

    I tutor junior high students and Wordcraft is an excellent tool for expanding vocabulary through learning roots.

  • Such an elegant app!

    I think this is such an elegant app. When something flows along so seamlessly, you’re grateful for all the thought behind it.

  • My kids learned words I had to look up!

    I've watched my kids disappear inside Wordcraft only to emerge hours later using words that I had to look up.

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Who is Wordcraft?

Wordcraft offers the building blocks to master the English language by first breaking down words to roots, then sentences into structures, and then passages into sentences. With the foundations of content and structure in place, a student can grasp vocabulary, then grammar and reading comprehension - a conveyor belt of literacy.

What age range is Wordcraft suitable for?

Wordcraft is for everyone. First-grade teachers, high school educators, and college literacy professors have all incorporated Wordcraft into their classrooms to offer a fun, challenging class to their students. The game adapts to the needs of each user, varying its questions to meet the learning thresholds of each user so noone is ever left behind.

How much will it cost to use Wordcraft in my classroom?

Wordcraft currently offers a free plan and a premium plan. Our premium plan includes more content and no limits on number of students.