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In the U.S. alone, 43 million adults possess low English literacy skills and two out of three students in grades 4-8 are reading below grade level.While current education builds on verbal skills through memorization, Wordcraft teaches vocabulary, grammar, and reading comprehension by breaking complex English words and phrases down to its smallest parts - Latin and Greek roots - and testing players through interactive, visual word games. The platform was first tested with students in NYC public schools, and the game was so effective that sixth-graders were averaging 100 college-level words a day.To date, over 5 million questions have been answered by Wordcraft players and over 1700 schools have signed up.With Wordcraft, we have developed a proven method of language acquisition that begins at a young age with the mastery of Latin and Greek roots, the building blocks of the English language, and scales up to reading comprehension and grammar, setting the foundation for lifelong literacy and learning. As players advance through the app, Wordcraft expands beyond vocabulary into sentences and passages, all the while adapting and adjusting to the individual learning speed and skills of the user.

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