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We empower students to own their learning

Kids are naturally curious, and Wordcraft ignites that curiosity through the exploration of words and worldly knowledge. From a first grader to a high school student, Wordcraft offers the building blocks to master the English language by first breaking down words to roots, then sentences into structures, and then passages into sentences. With the foundations of content and structure in place, a student can grasp vocabulary, then grammar and reading comprehension - a conveyor belt of literacy.

Teachers need easy tools

Our platform is designed to help teachers practice vocabulary, grammar, and reading comprehension with their students with minimal preparation required. Teachers can set up, press play, and monitor students with ease. As the game adapts to each student’s rate of learning, teachers are able to track students' progress on their screen and create report cards for students to share with parents.


Learn without limits

Our brain is a muscle and through rapid and frequent testing, Wordcraft builds stronger muscle memory in word association, allowing students to tackle more and more complex words. When playing Wordcraft, a student is making a decision and answering a question every three to five seconds. Multiply that by a minute, and then by 60 minutes, and the amount of words that a student can learn in one class is astronomical.

Wordcraft is for everyone. First-grade teachers, high school educators, and college literacy professors have all incorporated Wordcraft into their classrooms to offer a fun, challenging class to their students. The game adapts to the needs of each user, varying its questions to meet the learning thresholds of each user so noone is ever left behind.


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